Past Events

Perfectly Imperfect with Sheila Walsh

February 9, 2019

Sheila shared the impactful message of being imperfectly perfect from her book "It's Okay Not to be Okay: Moving Forward One Day at a Time".  This conference allowed us to make a donation to the Joy Smith Foundation to protect Canadians against human trafficking.

We would like to thank our event donors:

Sheila 2 Donors

Grace Fox Women's Conference

October 20, 2018

Grace Fox showed us how to Flourish! She helped women to dispel lies they believe about themselves and realign our minds with God's truth for lasting change.

This conference allowed us to make a donation to Dignity House Inc.

We would like to thank Three 6 Tea for their partnership:

Carolyn Klassen: Wholehearted in a Broken World

June 2, 2018

Speaker, author, and councilor, Carolyn Klassen, showed us how to live wholeheartedly as a beloved daughter of Christ. She shared stories of courage, vulnerability, self compassion, and gratitude through the women of the bible.

This conference allowed us to fund a portion of an upcoming MB Missions Trip in Fall 2018. The young woman attending the mission will be church planting, evangelizing, and working to end human trafficking in Thailand.

We would like to thank our event donors:

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Sheila Walsh: In the Middle of the Mess

February 3, 2018

We were blessed to welcome women from across Manitoba and beyond to our February 3rd women's conference in Winnipeg! The conference was lead by author and inspirational speaker Sheila Walsh. This conference showed women how to find strength through this beautiful, broken life right "In the Middle of the Mess".

The conference was held in support of Voice of the Martyrs: One Orphan, One Widow at a Time project.

We would like to thank our donors:

Sheila 1 Donors

Finding Freedom with Lorie Hartshorn Event

October 21 2017.

We welcomed Lorie Hartshorn to lead our Fall 2017 women's conference. Lorie is an author, inspirational speaker, and discipleship pastor from Ajax, Ontario. She shared how Jesus opened the eyes of her children who were struggling with addiction - inspiring our group to find freedom right in the middle of the battles they face.

The conference allowed is to make a monetary donation to Safe Families Canada who work to support at risk children and parents in need. We were also able to make a donation of food to the Charis Centre for Winnipeg women.

Priscilla Shirer Simulcast Event

April 8 2017

Our first women's conference was held in April 2017. We welcomed women from across Winnipeg to watch the Priscilla Shirer live simulcast. Priscilla discussed living with incurable circumstances by referencing 2 Kings.

The event allowed us to make a donation of essential hygenic products to the Charis Centre for Winnipeg women.